- Remove layers of coatings or materials that could prevent the proper laying of sawn stone (bush hammering).

- In case of shuttered concrete, bulge the surface to ensure better grip.

- Thoroughly clean all exterior concrete supports before laying.

- Pass the primary layer and let dry 12 hours before applying the glue.

- In some cases (external insulation, bush-hammered concrete), drill holes spaced 40cm (horizontally and vertically) reaching the hard part; then apply a first coat of glue and directly apply the fiberglass net to the still fresh surface. Insert plastic dowels into previously drilled holes; push them completely. Put a layer of glue on the net using a flat trowel and let it dry for another 6 hours before final laying.


In a large bucket, pour the powdered glue and add the water and mix with a mixer.

Always proceed in small quantities.