Our Local Natural Stones

The name and description of each stone are available by clicking the '●●●' button at the top right of your screen once the slide show menu is activated.


Our Italian Stone, from a small quarry located in Italy. Our stock is very limited due to the difficulty to stock this stone up.

Light gray color darkening with moisture, the stone can sometimes be veined with quartz. This Italian stone is sublime both indoor and outdoor. Its pastel tone clears the coated surfaces thanks to a fairly luminous complexion.

Sawn stone varies from small to medium size; dry laying is preferred for the Grisette stone.

The Yellow of the South

Our Limestone Stone, from the lower Rhone Valley.

The Yellow of the South Stone is a sedimentary limestone rock with orange-yellowish or very light gray colors. This soft, semi-firm stone has very much been used as a cut stone or for construction (notably Lyon, Vienne, etc.). A rock that hardens and patinas in contact with the air, well weatherproof.

The Yellow of the South Stone goes well indoors and outdoors, usually without joints.

Sawn stones vary between medium and large size.

Alpine Black

Our Black Stone, with very dark colors drawing from dark blue to black.

Sawn stones vary from medium to large size.

The Black of the Alps usually settles with big joints in outside.


Our Rusty Stone, an exclusive assortment which offers a rust-colored and gold-tone finish for your facades.

This combination of stones, composed of solid natural rock and semi-firm shale stone, goes well with both classic and modern homes.

Sawed Andesine stones vary in size medium to large.


Our Gray Stone. The Alpinette, a typical country stone, has a light gray hue and apparent quartz veins.

This stone goes very well with any style of decoration. This type of siding is ideal indoors or outdoors, preferably with a dry laying.

Sawn stones vary from small to medium size.

Old Stone

Our Local Stone, characteristic of the valleys and rivers of the Haute-Savoie area. La Pierre de The Old Stone takes all its charm with large or very large joints outdoors.

Sawn stones vary between medium and large size.

Old Stone

Local stones with extremely varied colors, ranging from light gray to dark brown while passing through shades of orange or bluish, the old Savoy stone is frequently veined with quartz.

Sawn stones vary between medium and large size.