Sopierre is a creative and innovative craft company based in the heart of the Alps, specializing in the sawing of natural facing stones operated using state-of-the-art machinery. Based in Haute-Savoie, our company specializes in the cutting of natural stones to provide all local actors (individuals, professionals, resellers) in facing stones so thin that it allows free use in all types of projects, indoors or outdoors, for new or renovation.

Sopierre proposes a range of sawn natural stones intended for the coating of the interior or exterior walls, on different types of supports. We work mainly with local stone, Haute-Savoie stones, as well as with stones coming from the other side of the valley.

Finally Sopierre can adapt the cut and the type of stones to saw according to your needs or desires; our machines are only limited by your creativity!


Concretely, Sopierre now offers a real alternative to the use of massive stone in your projects. The chosen facing stone model remains the same, only the thickness of the stone is modified downward, just like the volume of raw material to use, and consequently the final cost of your project.

The small thickness of the natural stone cut by the care of our machines makes it possible to reduce up to 7 times the mass and the volume of stones to transport compared to solid stone. The supply of materials on site as well as transport and handling are thus simplified because largely reduced. In addition the large materials (sand, cement, scrap metal, etc.) disappear completely to give way to simple glue and a fiberglass net, which represents a new significant saving in terms of material use.

The cost per square meter, glue, installation and transport included, becomes much more attractive than that of massive stone. The reduced thickness of natural sawn stone makes it much easier to prepare and set up, making installation much quicker while reducing the hardness of the job.

In addition to its greater flexibility of implementation, the sawed stone allows in the field of new construction and renovation of the best technical results while respecting and adapting as much as possible to the standards and technical regulations in force in the building sector.


Based in Haute-Savoie, our company chose a mainly local supply. The choice of natural stones is mainly based on the local offer, but we remain open to any specific request concerning the type of natural stone with which you want to dress your supports.

We attach great importance to the impact on the environment, in Haute-Savoie or anywhere else. Waste is thus avoided in our workshop thanks to the use of a closed water circuit during the sawing phase. The majority of sawing cuts are reworked, and what can not be done is crushed for use as mulch or drainage gravel. The raw material is thus optimized to achieve a yield close to 100%.