- Wide brush
- Drill
- Hammer
- Bucket
- Flat notched trowel
- Mixer
- Large bucket to mix the glue
- Bushhammer (depending on the support)

Tools Sopierre


Know if the support is able to support the sawed stone; the different supports for the natural facing stone are:

- Inside or outside
- Old or new building
- Concrete banché so bush-hammered
- Cellular concrete
- Drywall
- Polystyrene insulation and others

Any other support will not be suitable for this type of installation, except in special cases.

Make sure that the base of the support can withstand the weight of the stone and that the support is healthy (cracks, various degradations, etc ...).

Check the humidity at the support; too much moisture will prevent the glue from adhering properly to it.

Depending on the altitude and frost propensity, define which type of glue will be most suitable for laying.